Pet-Friendly Restaurant Patios in Tulsa for Spring

HeyMambo Italiano

If you think any meal is enhanced with your furry friend at your feet, you will definitely love the pet-friendly restaurant patios nearby this spring. Here are a few not too far from our pet-friendly apartments in South Tulsa. Elote: Focusing on fresh ingredients and healthy food, Elote serves up eclectic tastes from their menu with a side of … [Read more...]

Tulsa Restaurants to Slurp Up National Noodle Month

Tulsa Restaurants to Slurp Up National Noodle Month

March is National Noodle Month so Tulsa restaurants with an Asian flair have pulled out all the stops to tempt your taste buds with a delicious variety of satisfying hot and cold noodle dishes just waiting to be a savored. Here are three Tulsa restaurants, close to our luxury townhomes and apartments, offering a wide selection of noodle dishes. … [Read more...]

Celebrate Green Living at TCC’s EcoFest 2014 Festival


Our luxury Tulsa townhomes near TCC Southeast Campus are in a great location for those of you who either are attending or planning to attend college. There are plenty of features and amenities here at our community to help simplify your life, the college campus is nearby, and the city of Tulsa is filled with awesome things to do and see when you have … [Read more...]

Get Splashed in Hues at the Color Me Rad 5K Race in Tulsa

Color Me Rad

If you are looking for fun and entertaining things to do that will get you out of your South Tulsa apartment, look no more - we've found it for you! The Color Me Rad 5k will be in town on March 29, so mark your calendar now and start getting ready to participate in one of the most colorful races in Tulsa. The Color Me Rad is an explosion of color wrapped … [Read more...]

Learn a New Skill This Year at TCC’s Language Lab


Anyone who has ever read the want ads knows that speaking a second language gives you a decided advantage in the job market. Could the benefits extend farther than that? Many current studies suggest that being bilingual helps with problem solving, conflict resolution, and may even ward off the development of Alzheimer's disease. Learning another … [Read more...]

Pain and Gain: The Next Generation of CrossFit in South Tulsa

Next Generation CrossFit

For residents of our luxury apartments looking for fitness classes in South Tulsa that will really get you moving and sweating, check out Next Generation CrossFit. It is training that has been used by the military, police academies, martial arts, and more. With their high-intensity workouts, they will get you into the best shape of your life. The … [Read more...]

Luxury Living in Tulsa with the Convenience of Renting


The New Year is approaching, and it's time to make positive changes. If you want to live an indulgent lifestyle without a high price tag, have you considered our luxury townhomes in Tulsa? Enjoy the convenience of being a renter without the high price tag of home purchase. Here are some reasons why moving to The Barrington Apartments should be on your … [Read more...]

Shop Trends at Woodlands Hills Mall for Your NYE Look


With plenty of good deals out there, the holiday season is always an ideal time to make over your wardrobe for greeting guests at your apartment in Tulsa near Woodland Hills Mall in style. Here are a few tips that will help you become a trendiest hostess of the year! Black is back in style with stripes, frills, and a few colorful accessories to break the … [Read more...]

3 Places to Snap Your Kids Holiday Photo in Tulsa


The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means it's holiday portrait time. With so many photographers available to capture your holiday photos in Tulsa, it can be tough to choose one. We did the looking for you and found three of the best places to get your child's photo taken. Visit The Picture People studio inside buybuy Baby to have your photos … [Read more...]

Holiday Shopping at the Newly Renovated Woodland Hills Mall


The Woodland Hills Mall has been a popular destination for many residents in our South Tulsa apartments for years, but last year, parts of the mall were closed for renovation. However, it’s coming back in style, and everything will be ready just in time for the holiday shopping season. But the changes aren't just cosmetic. Once it reopens for business, … [Read more...]