Can You Beat the Fat Guy’s Burger Bar Challenge in Tulsa?

Can You Beat the Fat Guy's Burger Bar Challenge in Tulsa

While there are plenty of restaurants in Tulsa for you to choose from when you want to take a break from the kitchen in your luxury townhomes, you won't find many that provide you with a stomach-stuffing feast and chow-down challenge rolled into one. Do you think you have what it takes to make it to the Wall of Fat with the Fat Guy's Burger Bar … [Read more...]

Save on Daily Specials at The Brothers Houligan in Tulsa

Save on Daily Specials at The Brothers Houligan in Tulsa

We are fortunate to have many fine restaurants in Tulsa. However, periodically one rises to surface that we just have to mention. Today that restaurant is Brother's Houligan. For 27 years, this place has been serving outstanding food at reasonable prices, making it a Tulsa favorite. Serving American classic cuisine, Houligan's carries all of your … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Movie Night at Home with Friends in Tulsa

Enjoy a Movie Night at Home with Friends in Tulsa

It's easy to stay onsite all weekend at our luxury apartment community, taking advantage of the many outdoor and indoor premium amenities to entertain yourselves, your friends, and your family. Between our sand volleyball and basketball courts, swimming pool, fitness center, playground, and clubhouse, there's always a way to enjoy yourselves without … [Read more...]

Taste Tulsa’s Best Breweries at Harvest Beer Festival

Taste Tulsa's Best Breweries at Harvest Beer Festival

Craft breweries provide hundreds of jobs in Oklahoma, and this September, McNellie's Harvest Beer Festival celebrates the finest beer in the region. Gather your friends and sample their wares at one of the most fun fall events in Tulsa. This year, the Harvest Beer Festival will be held at 1st and Elgin in Downtown Tulsa on September 27th. There are … [Read more...]

Pet-Friendly Restaurant Patios in Tulsa for Spring

HeyMambo Italiano

If you think any meal is enhanced with your furry friend at your feet, you will definitely love the pet-friendly restaurant patios nearby this spring. Here are a few not too far from our pet-friendly apartments in South Tulsa. Elote: Focusing on fresh ingredients and healthy food, Elote serves up eclectic tastes from their menu with a side of … [Read more...]

Tulsa Restaurants to Slurp Up National Noodle Month

Tulsa Restaurants to Slurp Up National Noodle Month

March is National Noodle Month so Tulsa restaurants with an Asian flair have pulled out all the stops to tempt your taste buds with a delicious variety of satisfying hot and cold noodle dishes just waiting to be a savored. Here are three Tulsa restaurants, close to our luxury townhomes and apartments, offering a wide selection of noodle dishes. … [Read more...]

Pet Care: Keep the Valentine Chocolate Away From Fido

pet care tips for dogs

We all love our pets and sometimes like to give them extra treats on special occasions or over the holidays, but did you know that giving your pets treats with chocolate in them is a no-no? Dogs more so than cats are attracted to chocolate and can suffer serious illness and even death if they eat too much. At our pet-friendly apartments in South Tulsa it's … [Read more...]

You Are What You Eat: Shop at Akin’s to Look Better and Feel Healthier


There are plenty of grocery stores in South Tulsa, but just because they're there, that doesn't give you license to eat everything they have on their shelves. If you haven't done it already, now would be a good time for you to do a food audit and take a closer look at the things you are eating regularly. The better you eat, the better you will feel. The … [Read more...]

Taste Tulsa’s Favorite Handmade Bakery Breads


There's nothing like the taste of fresh baked bread. If you're looking for a Tulsa bakery that creates impeccable handmade bread, then head to Farrell Family Bread. You find a superb product that you'll keep coming back for. Farrell Family Bread works to bring back the art of artisan bread making. Farrell uses locally grown Whole Wheat Flour from John's … [Read more...]

Get a Taste of Sonoma in Tulsa at This Wine Bar

wine bar in Tulsa

The allure of Californian cuisine makes you look for restaurants and eateries in your area that will satisfy your food cravings. Step out of the comfort of your luxury Tulsa apartments and either spend a romantic evening with your date or celebrate your wedding anniversary or invite friends for a true Californian feast. Fortunately, a wine bar in Tulsa … [Read more...]