Get Splashed in Hues at the Color Me Rad 5K Race in Tulsa

Color Me Rad

If you are looking for fun and entertaining things to do that will get you out of your South Tulsa apartment, look no more - we've found it for you! The Color Me Rad 5k will be in town on March 29, so mark your calendar now and start getting ready to participate in one of the most colorful races in Tulsa. The Color Me Rad is an explosion of color wrapped … [Read more...]

Sign up for Kids Athletics in Tulsa With SoccerCity


Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Oklahoma and kids throughout the state get a kick out of playing it all year long. At Soccer City Tulsa, they have 60,000 square feet of indoor soccer space your kids can enjoy come rain or snow. This family-friendly sports center is a great place for you to relax and enjoy watching your kids play the sport. … [Read more...]

Pain and Gain: The Next Generation of CrossFit in South Tulsa

Next Generation CrossFit

For residents of our luxury apartments looking for fitness classes in South Tulsa that will really get you moving and sweating, check out Next Generation CrossFit. It is training that has been used by the military, police academies, martial arts, and more. With their high-intensity workouts, they will get you into the best shape of your life. The … [Read more...]

Fitness Center Dos and Don’ts for Monitoring Workout Pains


No one likes to hurt their way through a workout. No pain, no gain is just a myth, and there is no reason you need to suffer as you're getting into shape in your luxury apartment in Tulsa with a fitness center. Here are some exercise pains to watch out for and some tips that will help you manage the pain and reduce it from wrecking your workout. Chest … [Read more...]

Your Mission: Conquer the Gauntlet in Tulsa

Conquer the Gauntlet

There are many races in Tulsa, but very few that throw down the gauntlet and dare you to run them. If you are strong enough. If you are brave enough. If you are crazy enough, then you won't want to miss the race which is coming near your luxury Southeast Tulsa apartments on Aug. 24. On that day, brave souls from across America will converge on our little … [Read more...]

Register for Summer Volleyball Camps at University of Tulsa

volleyball camps in Tulsa

Kids are ecstatic to see summer coming up, but a lot of parents might be stumped by summer activities. Why not try volleyball camp? Keep your teens and preteens healthy and active this summer while they have fun and learn how to be team players at Coach Mac's Tulsa Volleyball Camps! Team sports are great for kids to get into because offer social … [Read more...]

Outdoor Fun at Parks in Tulsa

yellow flowers

Want to spend more time outdoors? ┬áThere are several parks in Tulsa that are great places to catch up on a good book, spend time with family or pack a leisurely picnic. Check out a few of the highest-rated public spaces near The Barrington Apartments, and make sure you comment and let us know if you've got any other favorite parks in the … [Read more...]

Get Fit in Your Tulsa Apartment


We all know how difficult it can be to get in shape and stay fit. Thankfully for you, you live at The Barrington Apartments! You see, one of the great things about living here is that we offer our residents lots of fun ways to get fit. Here are a few ways you can get fit around your South Tulsa apartment: Play a game. Not all exercise has to fell like … [Read more...]